Canada’s official languages are English and French. While both languages are spoken in Ontario, English is the language of instruction at most Ontario postsecondary schools.

If you are applying to a program taught in either official language and it is not your first language, proof of proficiency is typically required.

English proficiency

Each college and university has its own English language requirements. Check with the institution for more information.

Some schools may ask you to take a language test and/or complete an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program before being admitted. Some offer their own English language testing and preparation courses. Others have partners that provide these services, including the following:

If you have already taken a language test other than the ones listed above, contact the school to find out if your results meet their language requirements.

Once you are admitted, many schools offer ESL courses and programs to help you improve your English skills. Check with the institution to find out what options are available.

French proficiency

If your program of choice is taught in French, you may need to prove your French proficiency by completing a Test for Evaluating French. Check the program requirements to find out more.