Many international students in Canada choose to study in French. You have a few different options in Ontario:

  • French-language institutions let you study entirely in French and prepare to work in your field in both French and English.
  • Bilingual institutions allow you to study fully or partially in French and take the required courses to graduate bilingual.
  • Most postsecondary institutions in Ontario offer French language courses. This is a good option if you want to improve your French, but aren’t interested in becoming bilingual.

If you are interested in studying in French or in a bilingual format (French and English), know that Ontario is home to 11 Francophone or bilingual postsecondary institutions. Take a look at Avantage Ontario’s website, to know more.

French-language and bilingual institutions

Ontario has 11 postsecondary institutions with French-language and bilingual programs, including:

  • nine universities
  • two colleges of applied arts and technology (CAAT)

Learn more about French-language institutions and programs.

You can also explore resources and information from Avantage Ontario, a group that helps international students study in French (or both English and French) in Ontario.

Language requirements

If you choose a program that is taught in French, you may need to meet proficiency requirements. Some programs expect you to complete a Test for Evaluating French. Check with your institution to find out more.