Studying in Ontario gives you access to world-class academic programs, but the experience is about much more than that.

During your studies, you will be able to explore your interests, skills and the world around you. You will have opportunities to make new connections, meet lifelong friends and develop a professional network. Together these elements create your student experience.

Experiences beyond the classroom

Each postsecondary institution in Ontario offers a unique range of programming, activities and services to give international students the best possible personal experience.

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Joining activities on campus and in the local community is a great way to meet other students with similar interests, explore new ideas, gain experience and help others.

Most Ontario institutions offer lots of opportunities to get involved on campus, such as:

  • clubs and societies
  • campus recreation, including varsity athletics, intramural sports and fitness classes
  • academic success programs and workshops
  • leadership roles, such as student government or club leadership
  • supportive roles, such as peer mentorship or student orientation
  • volunteer roles on campus or in the local community

Some institutions allow you to track your co-curricular activities (activities outside of formal classroom time), as well as the skills you have demonstrated. Students in these institutions can include a record of their co-curricular activities in their résumé or portfolio.


Many postsecondary institutions plan events for students throughout the school year. New students typically attend orientation before the academic year begins. Orientation generally includes activities such as campus tours, group activities and welcome events.

Your institution may also have special events and programming for international students. Check with your school to find out more.


Ontario postsecondary institutions have a wide range of programming available to support your student experience, which includes these and other services:

  • academic and writing support
  • accessibility services
  • employment and career support
  • health care services
  • mental health and wellness support
  • recreation, fitness and athletics
  • housing information
  • immigration counselling
  • information technology support

Services vary depending on the school. Check with your chosen institution to find out more.

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