Ontario is a culturally diverse province. Studying here gives you the chance to learn about many cultures, traditions and languages, including French.

One of Canada’s official languages

French is one of two official languages spoken in Canada. While most Ontarians speak English as their first language, French language and culture have been an important part of the province since before it was founded.

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French-speaking Ontario

Over 600,000 Ontario residents identify as Franco-Ontarian, meaning French is their first language. Many more people speak, read and write French fluently.

Certain regions have a larger Franco-Ontarian population, including:

  • Eastern Ontario, in Ottawa, Cornwall and surrounding areas
  • Central Ontario, in Windsor, Welland and surrounding areas
  • Northern Ontario, in North Bay, Sudbury, Timmins and surrounding areas


Ontario has many French-language schools, as well as festivals, arts and entertainment that celebrate French culture.

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